True Great Power & Compassion

True self greatness is
from great selfless service to others;
not great selfish service for oneself.


There is a Buddhist saying: “You will be the Great Power [Strength] Bodhisattva [Mahasthamaprapta] if you show joy and unselfish giving to others; you will be the Great Compassion [Avalokiteshvara] Bodhisattva if you show kindness and compassion.” This means that every person can be a Bodhisattva. When a person compassionately does good for others, he is the Great Compassion [Guanyin] Bodhisattva. When a person gives as much as he can and donates with resolution and brave zeal, he is [like] the Great Power Bodhisattva.

When donating our money, strength and time to help other people, we must also embrace the spirit of the Emptiness of the Three Entities – donors, recipients and alms. None of the three should exist in our minds. We must not keep thinking about the good deeds we have done. We must not feel we are particularly kind, nor should we keep in mind that we have donated valuable goods to other people. Moreover, we must not feel that the recipients of our generosity owe us any favor. The essence of Emptiness of the Three Entities is that we try our best simply to help other people and not cling to the good deeds we have done. Then our deeds will bring boundless merit.

Three Ways to the Pure Land: Lectures by Dharma Master Cheng Yen
Translated by Lin Sen-shou

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