How to Practise the Perfection of Generosity

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The gift of truth is the greatest
because it is the gift
of both compassion and wisdom.

— Stonepeace | Get Books

In training in the applied resolve, the Bodhicitta [aspiration to help all gain enlightenment] of application [in practice], first is the paramita [perfection] of generosity. Generosity has three aspects. The giving of material things is to give to whomever is in need food, clothing, money, material articles, neccesities, or whatever else they lack. This should be done to the best of your ability, with a pure attitude and the appropriate materials. Often our giving is flawed in either motive or attitude, but it is mportant to give with pure intent and without clinging. The conduct and the giving must be perfect.

Next is the giving of fearlessness or removing anxiety. You do this by giving others relief from disease, poisons, toxins, warfare, weapons, wildfires, floods and attacks by vicious animals. Additionally, you help alleviate the fears of people traveling on dangerous roads and those in prison. To rescue people in cases liek this is a form of generosity, relieving their apprehension and trepidation.

Lastly is the giving of truth. If you have the ability to teach the Dharma and explain the teachings so that others can attain liberation, then you should do so, but without any regard for honor, fame, or personal benefit. If you are unable to teach, you should simply read aloud the words of the Buddhas, so that they can be heard by humans, spirits, and so on.

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