Are Animal Communication Courses Alright?

Question: Are courses which claim to teach tactics to communicate with animals alright?  

Answer: There is need to know what they entail, to know if they are ethical and sensible. For example, some supposedly teach ‘telepathy’. However, as animals cannot say their minds were read accurately, such ‘telepathy’ cannot be easily proved. If a course sells itself to teach ‘telepathy’, and those who learn resell themselves to know ‘telepathy’ too, it could be lying, leading to Wrong Livelihood if working with this ‘skill’.  

Animals should be cared with empathy, but to claim it requires telepathy, that can be easily learnt seems far-fetched… when many humans cannot even understand why their babies cry. There is usually a gap between imagining what an animal is thinking, and what the animal is really thinking. In the same vein of thought, many human conflicts from misunderstandings arise from unfair assumptions, without any actual communication for understanding and clarification. While wronged humans can easier protest and argue when aware of this, animals cannot.

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