Always Be Truthful & Disciplined

For your own sake always speak the truth
even if it leads to your death
or the loss of your sovereignty.
Never speak in any other fashion.

Devote yourself always to the discipline
of acting in accord with your statements.
Glorious one, by that you will become
supremely authoritative for the sake of the world.

– Precious Garland Of Advice To A King (Verses 274-275)
Arya Nagarjuna

Always be truthful and walk the path of truth. Speak and act truthfully, even if by doing so your life is endangered or you risk losing your power and wealth. Engage in work that is beneficial for sentient beings and never act just for your own sake. Even though lying and deception may give you an advantage in this life, do not give in to behaviour that destroys your good character and make others distrust you.

Though you may not gain in the short term by being truthful and honest, in the long term you will always profit. Maintaining your integrity will lead to excellent results in future lives. Ultimately, truth always wins, so forge ahead with confidence and engage in practices and actions that benefit others even though doing so may bring you difficulties in the present… The newspapers are filled with stories of people who lie, cheat and deceive others. You don’t want to be one of them.

Be sure to fully carry out everything you have undertaken for the sake of others. In addition, keep the discipline you have promised the Buddha, such as abandoning the ten paths of non-virtue [Ten Unwholesome Deeds] and maintaining the precepts you have taken. By doing so, you will be trusted by all – people will know you as someone who always means what he says and follows through with what he promises to do.  

Practical Ethics And Profound Emptiness:
A Commentary On Nagarjuna’s Precious Garland
Khensur Jampa Tegchok (Edited By Thubten Chodron) 

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