[8] What Is The Buddha Like And How Does He Relate To Me?

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TDE’s Dharma Dialogues: Issue [8]

[As continued from the previous issue…]

Question [15]: What is the Buddha about again?

Answer: The Buddha is the very embodiment of all the great virtues that he taught. Not merely talking the talk, he also put his noble words into action to inspire us. He was tireless in the spread of truth and goodness, and is the perfect example for all to emulate. At no point did he ever show any human weakness or base passion. His pure qualities of morality, compassion and wisdom are the most perfect the world has ever known. This is different from those who might claim to be divine, who still have momentary lapses expressing greed, hatred, delusion, arrogance and doubt.

Question [16]: How does the Buddha relate to me again?

Answer: Although the Buddha represents the highest possible peak of spiritual cultivation reached, he taught that all can attain this perfection too. Not many other religions’ founders taught that their followers have the chance to experience the same ultimate peace and liberation as themselves. Yet the Buddha taught that everyone can attain the same bliss of supreme enlightenment if we practise as he did — as we all have the same Buddha-nature, our potential for Buddhahood (which is True Happiness). This is the greatest hope we have, that surely can be realised.

[To be continued in the next issue…] / See issue [1]

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