[4] The Parable Of The Wife Who Cheated And Pretended To Be Dead From The Sūtra Of A Hundred Parables《百喻经》之妇诈称死喻

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In the past, there was a foolish person, whose wife looked upright, to whom he had affection extreme and love heavy. His wife was without upright truthfulness, later in the middle, together with another in contact, with an evil lustful mind filled with desires chasing this illicit partner, abandoning and leaving her husband, thereupon secretly speaking to an old woman, saying, ‘After I have gone, you can carry a dead woman’s body, place it within the house, and speak to my husband, saying I have already died.’


The old woman, when later seeing her husband is not there, with a dead body placed it within his home. When her husband returned, the old woman spoke these words, ‘Your wife is already dead.’


The husband immediately went to see, believing it is his wife, sorrowfully wept in distress. With a big store of firewood and oil cremating to obtain her bones, with a bag filling them, in day and night, in his bosom clasping it.


The wife, when later with her mind disliking her illicit partner, then returned home, and spoke to her husband, saying, ‘I am your wife.’


The husband replied her, saying, ‘As my wife has long died, who are you, to falsely say you are my wife?’ And even after twice and thrice explaining, he was still thus, not believing her.


Like those from external paths hearing others’ evil doctrines, with their minds giving rise to confusions and attachments, saying they are true, for a long time, they cannot be corrected, although hearing the right teachings, not believing, receiving and upholding them.

[Note: If we blindly believe in what cannot be trusted, and do not trust what should be believed in, we will be like those from external paths; not true disciples of the Buddha. With proper learning, contemplating and cultivating (闻思修), we should thus be discerning, by mindfully investigating what is taught and cautiously questioning what is dubious, so as to separate the true from the false.]

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