Thoroughly Examine Your Mind

Even if another examines you,
you have to examine yourself,
to see if that examined is true.

Stonepeace | Books

To see if you’re aware of impermanence or not,
check whether your plans are long or short term.

To see if you perceive Samsara as flawed or not,
check how strong your attachments are.

To see if you’ll attain liberation in the future or not,
check whether your conduct is good or bad.

To see if you’ve given rise to loving kindness and compassion or not,
check how you take care of those in need.

To see if you’ve tamed the demon of anger or not,
check how much hatred you have towards your enemies.

To see if you’ve dispelled the obscuring demon of ignorance or not,
check how much you cling in hope and fear.

To see if you’ve purified the three poisons or not,
check how free from grasping you’ve become.

You’ll know your Dharma practice has become the path or not,
by thoroughly examining your own mind.

Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa

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