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One who studies the Dharma
without practising it
is like one who sees the most nutritious food
without eating it.

– Stonepeace


3 Responses to “Digest the Dharma”

  1. Moh Fee 13 August 2010

    It is easy said the done, many of us are brought up in different circumstances and have developed a nature that is not easy to change. Frankly, very few can practice what they preached, there is a saying, “It’s only when the tides goes out that you learn who’s been swimming naked” To modify a person’s nature to please others is a very difficult task unless the surrounding circumstance that create an atmosphere for the person to practice the routine, maybe times will modify him

  2. Old habits might die hard, but diligent Dharma practice makes perfect.

    We don’t always have to change ourselves to suit others, if what we are doing is already skilfully aligned with the Dharma.


  3. Dear Moh Fee
    Having the opportunity to realise that a change is needed is already a great step forward. How many of us are still blissfully ignorant of the Dharma and still very much clinging on to all things and thoughts material.
    Environment and circumstances are just external factors. The mind is malleable and when opened to the teachings will be able to see that environment, circumstances or indeed our past experience do not affect the ability to learn and change for the better.
    But after learning, practise with plenty of mindfulness and patience, otherwise, we may feel again that circumstances/character are the problems.
    Good luck ! 😀

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