Obsessed With Buddhism?

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Question: I’m attending a few Buddhist classes weekly. A friend told me not to be ‘obsessed’. What do you think?

Answer: Actually, it is impossible to be obsessed with the Dharma in any negative sense because the Dharma is pure. There is no such thing as too much of a pure thing. You just need to mindful to apply the teachings to everyday life, and not neglect family, friends and responsibilities. Application of the Dharma will in fact better these aspects of life. The Dharma must be for both learning and practice. To stay stuck in only one aspect would be a form of unbalanced ‘obsession’.

Question: My friend also said that it is difficult to have a spiritual breakthrough. What do you think?

Answer: It differs from one to another. For example, some find swimming difficult but some don’t. With enough practice, everything is easy. Without enough practice, everything is difficult. As long as the Dharma is worth learning and practising, let’s just do it best we can. To harp on the possibility that it is hard is to already to somewhat give up before starting. Practice makes perfect! Looks like your friend needs to further befriend the Dharma!

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