• Methods describe in books are not always practical when applied in real life. In the end I think its all trial and error and we must learn to develope confidence in ourselves, instead of always relying on books.

  • Even a sutra (scripture recording the Buddha’s teachings) is a book. And sutras, especially with good commentaries, are practicial WHEN applied. Sutras are for applying. Mere trial and error of a thousand other methods could be a big waste of time and life is short, when the Dharma is available.

  • Take the Diamond Sutra for example, which talks about emptiness. I’ve heard monks debating its meaning in a temple and have to wonder how something so abstract and difficult to comprehend be of use to the layman.
    I’ve a small Dharma Booklet which explains about emptiness, saying that if the concept is applied in real life, one can be really happy and free of misery, especially from troubles centred around the ego, which it explained to be dependent origin and non – existent. I have tried to apply this in real life but still find a bruised ego something hard to swallow. Does emptiness require some sort of deep realization through years of meditation for it to be applied effectively?

  • The Diamond Sutra only sounds abstract to the uninitiated, who lack understanding. Its teachings are exact, practical and mind-opening. To learn how to apply teachings similar to those in it, here is a related course:


    The Heart Sutra is in a sense a summary of the Diamond Sutra. This course quotes from it too. To learn the Dharma properly, it is important not just to read books, but attend classes systematically.

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