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Always Listen To Continually Learn

Jan. 29 | Be kind whenever possible.  It is always possible. – H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama [A]fter Sulak [Sivaraksa] saw a photograph in which the Dalai Lama was drinking Coca-Cola, [h]e mentioned his disapproval when he met with the Tibetan leader in Dharamsala....

Diligence Haiku

Dec. 19 | All the time in the world due to (endless) rebirth(s)? Ever less time in this life due to (impending) death! How many more times do you wish to assume you have enough time? May all be diligent to learn and practise the Dharma… in time.

[1] How To Most Greatly Benefit From All

Dec. 4 | Determined to obtain the greatest possible benefit from all sentient beings, who are more precious than a wish-fulfilling jewel, I shall hold them most dear at all times. – Geshe Langri Tangpa Reflections On ‘The Eight Verses Of Thought Transformation’...

Work Haiku

Nov. 1 | Your real work is to use your worldly work to support your spiritual work of learning, practising and sharing the Dharma.

The Easiest Ways To…

Sep. 27 | If even perfect Buddhas and great Bodhisattvas express themselves humbly in thought, word and deed, who are we as ordinary beings to be proud? – Shilashanti The easiest way to carry clothes is to wear them. The easiest way to carry food is to eat them. The...

Faith Haiku

Aug. 29 | Lack of faith in Dharma practice is simply due to your lack of Dharma-learning. Lack of faith in Dharma learnt is simply due to your lack of Dharma practice.

Learning Haiku

Aug. 8 | Keep relearning the Dharma, even what already known, to check if it is practised well.
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