How Does Reciting Sutras Relate To Learning About Them?

Question: How does reciting sutras (i.e. Buddhist scriptures) differ from attending classes on them?

Answer: There are many nuanced implications in profound teachings that need detailed explanation, via background information, examples and such. Some parts might even be misunderstood if read and applied without deeper reflection, or hearing further explanation.

Question: Does reciting sutras help us to become more realised?

Answer: Reciting of sutras is indeed for helping to deeper familiarise with their teachings, and to realise the meanings within. However, to realise the full meanings this way can take a long time — especially if there are many technical terms and subtle implications not understood. This is why there are classes for helping to ‘decipher’ the meanings systematically and comprehensively. Both personal reciting and studying in classes are thus important and beneficial.

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