[27] The Parable Of Curing Whip Wounds From The Sūtra Of A Hundred Parables《百喻经》之治鞭疮喻

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In the past, there was a person who was by the King whipped, having been whipped already, with horse dung applying it on his wounds, desiring to quickly recover. There was a foolish person who saw this, giving rise to joy, then making this statement, ‘I have now definitely gotten this method for curing wounds.’


Immediately returning home, he said to his son, saying, ‘You should whip my back, as I have gotten a good method and now desire to try it.’ His son for him whipped his back, and with horse dung applied it, assuming it is a skilful means.


The world’s people are likewise thus, hearing that there are people saying cultivation of impurity’s contemplation immediately attains elimination of the five aggregates’ body’s wound, they then make this statement, ‘I desire to contemplate on female forms, and with the five desires too.’ Yet to see the impurity, instead by females forms as those confused, reborn in the cycle of birth and death, and falling into the hells, the world’s foolish people are likewise thus.

[Note 1: The five aggregates (五阴/蕴) are (i) form (色), (ii) feelings (受), (iii) perception (想), (iv) mental formation (行) and (v) consciousness (识).]

[Note 2: There should not be blind faith in, with mimicking of others’ methods of practice without proper learning, contemplating and even appropriate questioning. Not only might these methods not work, they might even be harmful, creating new problems when they need not be there in the first place. Even if there is an actual skilful means of others found, it might not be skilful for one due to oneself having different spiritual capacities.

Only those who are ready to practise impurity’s contemplation are able to transcend attachment to the body and the five desires swiftly. They are able to contemplate the impure parts within the body directly. This is while those not ready, who contemplate living bodies’ exterior only might give rise to lust that further drives the rounds of rebirth, even possibly leading to lower rebirths if precepts are severely broken due to sexual misconduct.]

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