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Praise For ‘The Pure Land Passport’

Dear Brother Shi’an, I am impressed by your creative and detailed SOP [‘Standard Operational Procedures’, stated in the book] to achieve our goal of reaching Amituofo’s Western Pure Land… Your great efforts produced a wonderful handy guide for all Purelanders, to guide us in our Faith, Aspiration and Practice [Three Provisions’ to reach Pure Land. Well done and a big thank you… I hope more Purelanders will have the opportunity to get the little red Pure Land Passport. Amituofo. – Regards, Qiuying

Hi Shi’an Laoshi, I received ‘The Pure Land Passport’ and I’m very impressed with its quality. Thank you for putting in so much effort to help us in our practice. Great job! – Eva

Thanks for your dedication. Amituofo! – Eileen

Thank you very much for the Pureland Passport! It is extremely informative and helpful! Amituofo. – Ailing

感恩! Very grateful to Shi’an and team for producing such a wonderful Passport! A great gift to mankind indeed! Amituofo! – Jacqueline

Personally, I find the Pure Land Passport brilliant and thoughtful. It takes one who has good knowledge and passion of the Pure Land teachings, plus willingness to help and educate sentient beings to publish it. It is concise, handy and yet purposeful. It entails the Three Great Essentials When Approaching Death (for rebirth in Pure Land) by Great Master Yinguang and more. Only a genuine Dharma teacher will make such efforts to create the book… Amituofo, Ng

Thank you! I’m looking forward to reading the new book. – Rosalind

The Pure Land Passport is a great tool for my Mum while she is still alive and well, to express her wish to be accorded Buddhist rituals on her last journey, especially since my youngest sister is a non-Buddhist. This will truly reduce the chances of conflict during difficult moments.

Most importantly, it also contains instructions on how to guide the dying and departed to give rise to the Three Provisions to reach Amituofo’s Pure Land. The merits created to help the deceased to reach Pure Land are indeed incalculable.

I have never been more confident, especially should situations arise, and if someone close needs my guidance during their final moments. I know I can always rely on the the Pure Land Passport. Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool. Amituofo. With Great Gratitude, KMeng

Amazing effort and dedication… putting together this amazing Passport to benefit all! 功德无量! We are indeed very blessed to be able to share these merits. Our grateful thanks… for this mammoth effort. Amituofo. – Jenny Koh

Indeed a herculean task! Congrats. Jiayou!!! – Kelvin

Thanks for propagating it! The featuring of Master Yinguang’s teachings, along with other important related teachings in such a book is indeed a very innovative and skilful means of promoting the Pure Land teachings to the masses. – CK

The Pure Land Passport contains translated texts of Great Master Yinguang, with extremely important and practical tips for reaching Pure Land. As Pure Land materials available are predominantly in Chinese, the book provides an important bridge to link those who are not well-versed in Chinese to Pure Land… I have faith that should one sincerely follow the instructions in it, giving rise to Faith, Aspiration and Practice accordingly, rebirth in Pure Land can be achieved. Amituofo, J

Congratulations on your completion of the Pure Land Passport! It’s a long awaited book since I attended the 1st run of Destination Pureland. – Rebecca

I am just as excited as everyone else about the Passport. – Rosaline

Over the years, my friend Shen Shi’an has been sharing his vast knowledge about the Buddha’s philosophy of life and more. Modern day scholars like him are a rare breed today, when peace should be cherished much more than gold. Check out his wonderful website for insightful reads and feel free to support as a sponsor. (No pressure.) They just came out with this super creative and uber nifty book on Pure Land Buddhism, which really looks like our Singapore Passport! If you’re interested in Buddhist philosophy like I am, you’ll no doubt enjoy the articles at TDE… [… [Shi’an,] Your zest and dedication is truly inspiring… Kudos!] – Ning Cai

Creative! – Qingxiu

Great thanks for making available the Passport. You must have put in a lot of effort to fine tune and perfect it. Great thanks once again. – Violet

Thank you. Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu. – Cecilia

Very nice. I’ve got the Passport in hand… Now I have to practise hard to get ‘clearance’ and Amituofo’s ‘approval’. – Choi Pheng

Nice. – Karen

Thank you, Bro Shi’an, for the great effort in producing this sublime treasured gift. – Suyin

Wah… really amazing leh!! Sadhu X 3!!! – Jianhong

Hello Teacher Shi’an, congratulations on the launch of the Pure Land Passport. Very well done indeed! Deeply grateful for having this, and it is heartening to know that so many more can benefit from this vital knowledge and put it into practice – particularly the non-Chinese literate Buddhists. I am so glad to receive it that I showed it to Buddha[‘s image at home] to thank him for such blessings. Amituofo. Regards, Su Ann

Excellent! – Han Nee

Sadhu x3. Namo Amituofo. – Wen Quan

Hi Shi’an 老師, Thanks for the Passport. Very nice work you’ve done. Truly splendid! Many ‘refugees’ here need the Passport… Sadhu. – Keng Leck

感恩。赞! 阿弥陀佛! – Khuan Heng

This is great work. Thank you. – Koon

I am happy to hear that the Passport is finally printed and launched. Congratulations! – Jack

Have been looking forward to it. Sadhu! – Teng Leng

Amituofo. Wonderful attractive cover. Cute. – Gerald

The book is creative. I really appreciate it. You must have put in a lot of effort. – Sharol

Rejoice. Amituofo. – Chiew Thian

Wow!! Excellent!! Amituofo. – Tin Mui

感恩。Thank you, Shi’an. Really grateful for this Passport. It is very useful for one to help others. – Lee Lian

感恩时安师兄分享珍贵的法宝, 阿弥陀佛。– Kian Leong

常常帶著身上,很有安全感。一有空就拿出來看。– Tongtong

My Pure Land Passport! Thank you Bro Shi’an. Your efforts made are greatly appreciated. – Violette

Thanks! Very innovative and creative! – Shuxian

It’s a very useful publication – Wee Peng

Thank you, teacher Shi’an. – Gin

We received the Pure Land Passports today. It’s a marvellous piece of work! … This is truly one of your best Dharma printing projects. Good quality and very useful! A grateful thanks. Very much appreciated. Amituofo – Jenny Koh

阿弥陀佛, 谢谢您。– Yongshun

I was so happy that I managed to get a copy for myself today. – Amanda

感恩。Can see that you put in a lot of effort. I like it very very much. Amituofo – Cixin

Thank you for your great effort in publishing ‘The Pure Land Passport’, from which I learnt and understood the urgency to reach Pure Land. It is very meaningful and the contents are easy to understand. May this Passport bring merits to all sentient beings and may we all reach Pure Land in this lifetime. – Soon Kee

Shi’an 老师, I have received the book you sent. It is an excellent idea! Amituofo! – Keay

[On 2nd launch] It is indeed joyous and wonderful tonight. I hereby dedicate my merits to the well-being of my parents, Teacher Shi’an, friends and anyone who is reading this post. 盡此一报身, 同生极乐国. 阿弥陀佛. - Darren

恩師, 阿弥陀佛。Thank you very much. I’ve received the books today and can’t wait to read. 感恩。– Puti

[On 2nd launch] Thank you, Bro. Shi’an. A truly magnificent evening on this merit-making day, reciting and dedicating towards the cause for all sentient beings to reach the Western Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha. Amituofo. – Suyin

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  • Dear Bros n Sis in the Dhamma,
    Just notice this 3 great essentials passport of pureland praise n am interested to have one.
    how do i go about it ?

  • Thank you for your interest.

    TDE Store has just added it to its inventory.
    You can get it by clicking ‘Get Now’ in blue above :-]


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