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Distribution Of ‘The Pure Land Passport’

Free distribution of ‘The Pure Land Passport’
at Singapore Buddhist Lodge’s Chinese Pure Land Class
(with ‘The Immeasurable Life Sutra’ near).
Copies were offered to the library too.

Free distribution copies in related classes are available
when there is enough sponsorship
while non-participants and friends overseas
can get copies by mail order

Browsing of ‘The Pure Land Passport’ before class

The Buddhist Union Dharma Centre

Bag of ‘The Pure Land Passport’ for distribution
(100 copies were also passed for Buddhist hospice patients.)

A closer look at ‘The Pure Land Passport’

Tai Pei Buddhist Centre

Than Hsiang Temple

Buddhist friends in Malaysia

Queuing to receive book at Poh Ming Tse Temple

Complimentary mail delivery for major sponsors

Bag of ‘The Pure Land Passport’ offered to practitioners of Ean Keng Si Temple

550 copies with the Pure Land Pass Card sponsored for Vimalakirti Buddhist Centre upon request to date…

… for free distribution at its funeral services. Suggest avenue for further distribution by commenting below!

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