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100 Reasons To Get ‘The Pure Land Passport’

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100 Reasons To Get Your Pure Land Passport

Design Inspired By Passport

[01] Passport-like cover colour and material
[02] Passport-like font and font colour with gold-stamping
[03] Passport-like crest with multiple meanings
[04] Passport-like diecut size with rounded page corners
[05] Comes with passport protection cover for adding cards
[06] Passport-like crested pagination
[07] Passport-like ‘perforated’ page headers reminding of Amituofo
[08] Personal (name & signature) and support (name & contact) entry fields on first page for instruction on last days and rites (including how to handle remains)
[09] Can be added to list of last wishes officially
[10] Passport-like visa-notes page with Buddha welcome stamp
[11] Handy, palm-pocket-sized and lightweight
[12] Compact but detailed 128-page book
[13] With durable, eye-friendly and eco-friendly paper for lifetime use
[14] Designed and titled to catch attention and spur interest
[15] Key inspirational quote on back cover
[16] For carrying everywhere, including overseas with actual passport in case of emergencies
[17] Ideal interesting and practical gift for all family members and friends
[18] Spine for writing of personal name for easy identification if wished

Contents Focused On Reaching Pure Land

[19] Relevant to all and without expiry date, unlike worldly passports
[20] Summarises the surest path to Pure Land for swiftest progress to Buddhahood
[21] Translated and written in clear and easy to understand language
[22] Serves as constant reminder of the core Pure Land practice
[23] With 3 bonus highlighted inspirational quotes on life and death

[24] Includes Section 1: How To Use This Passport, with teachings on:
[25] … Rationale and relations of other sections
[26] … Universality and inevitability of death
[27] … Importance and urgency of knowing how to handle death
[28] … Introduction to Amituofo and Pure Land practice
[29] … Relation between Three Great Essentials and Three Provisions
[30] … Proof of efficacy of Pure Land practice
[31] … Pure Land practice in everyday life
[32] … How to ask Dharma queries
[33] … How to subscribe to related newsletter

[34] Includes Chinese-English Section 2: Guidance Before Support-Chanting (by Great Master Yinguang), with teachings on:
[35] … How to prepare for birth in Pure Land
[36] … How to practise mindfulness of Buddha
[37] … How to focus on mindfulness of Buddha
[38] … How to practise with uncertainty of recovery
[39] … How to handle distractions

[40] Includes Chinese-English Section 3: The Three Great Essentials When Approaching Death (by Great Master Yinguang with divisions and bold text for quick reference), with teachings on:
[41] … Illusion of death
[42] … How to avoid suffering of birth and death
[43] … How to eradicate past negative karma
[44] … How to increase causes for birth in Pure Land
[45] … How to definitely attain Buddhahood
[46] … How to practise true filial piety
[47] … How to inspire, guide and console the dying
[48] … How to not doubt possibility of reaching Pure Land
[49] … How to rejoice for birth in Pure Land
[50] … How to not fear death
[51] … How to take shifts for support-chanting
[52] … Why there should be support-chanting
[53] … How to attain support-chanting for oneself
[54] … How to help others attain Buddhahood

[55] … How to instruct the dying to chant
[56] … How to guide the dying to chant
[57] … How to use the right Dharma instrument
[58] … How to prevent interruption of chanting
[59] … How to prevent causing suffering
[60] … How to prevent obstruction of feelings
[61] … Why avoid touching the dying and crying
[62] … Why there should only be chanting (Nianfo)
[63] … Danger of giving rise to anger
[64] … Danger of giving rise to attachment
[65] … Signs of higher and lower rebirth
[66] … How to straightaway be born in Pure Land
[67] … How to know where the deceased is born

[68] Includes Section 4: Important Guidelines: Before, During & After Dying (with divisions and bold text for quick reference), with teachings on:
[69] 10 guidelines to note before dying, including teachings on:
[70] … Whether to have life support
[71] … Whether to have organ donations
[72] … Whether to have euthanasia
[73] … Whether to use painkillers

[74] 29 guidelines to note during dying, including teachings on:
[75] … Words of guidance to the dying
[76] … Words of guidance to karmic creditors
[77] … Words of guidance to family, friends and visitors
[78] … Verse for repentance
[79] … Verse for taking refuge
[80] … Audio chanting track as guide
[81] … How to instruct family of the dying
[82] … How to use blessed sand, mantra wheels and rebirth blanket
[83] … How to help those with dementia and such illnesses

[84] 31 guidelines to note after dying, including teachings on:
[85] … Words of guidance to the deceased
[86] … Death notification and administration
[87] … Funeral arrangements
[88] … Verse For Sharing Of Merits
[89] … Urn and tablet management
[90] … What to do every 7 days for 7 times after death

[91] Includes Chinese-English Section 5: The Three Provisions For Rebirth In Pure Land (by Great Masters Yinguang & Ouyi), with teachings on their definitions and relations
[92] All key guidelines above cross-reference with one another

With Bonus Related Materials

[93] Related courses with reviews
[94] Introduction to The Daily Enlightenment’s online and offline Dharma services
[95] Introduction to related annual and special books
[96] Meritorious virtues of printing sutras (and Buddhist texts)
[97] eBook version also available (later), with web version here
[98] Link to informative Pure Land website
[99] Colour picture of Amituofo and the Buddha
[100] Much more in the book!

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