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Above are the new editions; below is a past edition.

A book that seems to ‘radiate’ golden light

‘The Pure Land Passport’ up close
(comes with protective cover)

Gold stamp of the lotus crest

Opening inspirational quote

Colour picture of Amituofo

Personalisation page

Contents page

Key Chinese-English teachings

Systematic sequential instructions

Bonus ‘visa’ notes page

Important back cover reminder quote

Cousin of ‘The Pure Land Passport’?
(Protective cover will be included)

‘The Pure Land Passport’ joins TDE Press’
series of Pure Land productions

Relatively handy size of ‘The Pure Land Passport’

A peek inside ‘The Pure Land Passport’

‘Thank you… I have received
the very beautiful Pure Land Passports. Amituofo.’ – Freddie

Before a stupa at the home of Passport holder Sis Jenny Lim

From Ning Cai, one of our sponsors

The super handy and portable Pure Land Passport.
Don’t leave home without it!

A truly usable spiritual passport, if instructions are adhered to!

Amituofo looking over Sis Gin’s Passport!

Bodhgaya souvenir bag from Sis Tracy.
Ideal for lightweight carrying of the Passport with other stuff!

How to waterproof your Passport completely!

Add a ‘boarding pass‘!
Introduction at Singapore Buddhist Lodge

Hashtag your #PurelandPassport
to share your pictures everywhere!

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2 Responses to “Gallery Of ‘The Pure Land Passport’《净土护照》”

  1. I am really impressed by the idea of having a Pure Land Passport and the lessons taught there.

  2. MakePeace 14 February 2017

    There is a course for it that you can attend, with the next run starting this Saturday: https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2016/12/destination-pureland-how-to-have-the-best-rebirth-6th-run


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