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The Pure Land Pass Card 净土信愿卡

Light, thin, strong, waterproof, glossy and credit card sized with rounded corners, ‘The Pure Land Pass Card’ is for stating crucial emergency contact information, with QR code and web link to ‘The Pure Land Passport: The Three Great Essentials When Approaching Death’. This card is for everyone who aspires to reach Pure Land with the right spiritual support, for always carrying around prominently (e.g. in one’s wallet).

This card serves as a companion connected to ‘The Pure Land Passport’ for reference, where the opening page has the similar function for instructing on what to do in one’s life-or-death situations. Like the Passport, the card should be personalised by filling in the blanks with a permanent marker, while errors can be erased with polish remover or the equivalent. (The written contact should be trustworthy and familiar with the instructions in the link.)

The three-quarter image of Amituofo in the posture of receiving and guiding us to his Pure Land is featured so, for more clearly seeing the main features of his image, while retaining the card’s convenient size. For reminding the user to practise Nianfo (mindfulness of the name of Amitabha Buddha – ‘Amituofo’) regularly, the card can also be propped up as a simple makeshift shrine for home, workplace and travel use. It can also be used for showing and inspiring the dying, to encourage sincere Nianfo.

Bright yellow-‘gold’ for catching attention, the card is designed to resemble a credit card with a black strip (with key white text to stand out), a lotus crest logo (similar to cover design of ‘The Pure Land Passport’) and an official signature box.

This card is now limited but free for Pureland Practice Fellowship participants and our Pure Land courses’ participants. You can also get it free, while stocks last, by support of any Pure Land materials at

Card be used as a small portable Buddha shrine
(Card stand not included)

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