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The Song Of Patience By Hánshān & Shídé《寒山拾得忍耐歌》(As Sung By The Bodhisattvas Mañjuśrī, Samantabhadra & Maitreya)

May. 16 | The following is a beloved classic teaching on patience (忍辱), called ‘Hánshān Asks Shídé’《寒山问拾得》or ‘Hánshān’s [And] Shídé’s Patience Song’《寒山拾得忍耐歌》, with notes on its meaning. 稽首文殊,寒山之士。南无普贤,拾得定是。 [I]...

What If I’m Confused By Some Teachings?

Apr. 19 | Question: What if I find some teachers’ teachings confusing, and even potentially misleading? Answer: Never let the Buddha, his Dharma and yourself down. You should sincerely and politely clarify with them, to check your understanding. If it turns...

Why Vanya’s Power In ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Doesn’t Sound Right

Apr. 18 | In season one of ‘The Umbrella Academy’, the one deemed most ‘extra ordinary’ among the Hargreaves’ foster siblings turn out to be the most extraordinary. The brothers and sisters lived as a school of X-men of sorts, with...

Focus Haiku

Nov. 19 | With life able to end any day, you are always already too old to waste your time on nonsense.

Just Work Harder

Oct. 17 | Should you desire the great tranquility, prepare to sweat white beads. – Zen Master Hakuin There are no shortcuts or ways to bypass the Apprenticeship Phase. It is the nature of the human brain to require such lengthy exposure to a field, which allows...

How Not To Despair At Many Beings To Save

Jul. 26 | As featured in October 2018 issue of For You Information (佛友资讯) 若作是言 ‘我当灭度无量众生’, 则不名菩萨。 – 金刚经 (释迦牟尼佛) If [to] make this statement, ‘I will deliver [to] Nirvāṇa immeasurable...

Focus Haiku

Mar. 22 | Nianfo is focus on one skill for mastering focus on all other skills [upon reaching Pure Land].

Enough Focus

May. 3 | There should be enough focus on what has consequences in this life, without losing enough focus on what has consequences after this life. – Stonepeace
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