Why Stop Complaining?

‘Question’: *Complaint… complaint… complaint…*

Answer: Life will never improve if we merely keep complaining about people, organisations and matters. It improves only when we seek solutions and implement them.

If we have no solutions, we can still raise concerns to those in better positions to seek solutions, but move on thereafter, to better other issues — especially ourselves. (We should also not complain about others complaining, while reminding them of the above.)

For example, one might move on to be an independent player in a field of expertise if the ‘systems’ run by others offering the ‘same’ services and products are too faulty to fix in the short run, and since life is running out as we speak.

For solving the key spiritual ‘problem’ of how to attain liberation, we should seek Buddhahood as swiftly as possible, to best benefit one and all. For this, the Pure Land path of mindfulness of Buddha best meets the criteria in this era (i.e. the Dharma-Ending Age).

While some might just be kind of ‘dancing’ around the ideal of Buddhahood with mere ‘theoretical theatrics’, procrastinating without adequate practical and non-backsliding advancement while their lives trickle away, we do not have to follow them… or keep complaining about them — lest we lose focus on walking and sharing the path personally.

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