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How The Buddha Saved A Suicidal Girl

May. 3 | 诸佛念念念众生… All Buddhas, from thought to thought, [who are] are mindful of all beings… – Shilashanti According to the ‘Rajjumala-vimāna’, there was a servant’s daughter in Gayā, who was scolded and physically...

Is ‘The Punisher’ Is Also The Punished?

Mar. 14 | In a scene where ‘The Punisher’ (Season 1) was spray-painting his signature white skull symbol on his black body armour meant to intimidate his enemies, Lieberman tells him… ‘That skull? That’s a “Memento Mori”....


Mar. 6 | To keep transforming greed, keep giving with generosity. To keep transforming hatred, keep radiating loving-kindness. To keep transforming delusion, keep learning to realise wisdom. – Zhaojian

How The Buddha Turned Arrows Into Flowers

Dec. 26 | Cultivation is more transformation of the unskilful than its eradication. – Shilashanti In the hours preceding his final enlightenment, when he is doing battle with his ego, the Buddha’s tormentors shoot volleys of arrows at him. Some people interpret...

How To Vanquish ‘The Darkness’?

Oct. 11 | ‘The Darkness’ is based on a ‘myth’ that Anasazi Indians bound demons to rocks hidden in underground caves. If removed, they will take the shape of a crow, snake, coyote, wolf and buffalo, before tricking and dragging children...

How To Spiritualise The Worldly Five Desires

Jul. 13 | What cannot be rid of immediately should be transformed immediately, so as to be rid of eventually. – Stonepeace | Books As beings in the Desire Sphere (欲界), we are all with the Five Desires (五欲), for pleasing sights (色), sounds (声), smells...

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Project Transformation: The Eight Verses Of Thought Transformation (Run 2)

Mar. 27 | Praise From 1st Run: I love the teaching and will like to revise what you had taught… Love the teaching a lot! – Kelly After attending your courses (I have been attending Project Patience too), I do find myself recalling some of the things...

Weakness to Strength

Nov. 12 | The only one true weakness is to be complacent about our weaknesses. The only one true strength is to be diligent about transforming them to strengths. – Stonepeace
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