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Why Do We Keep Practising Giving?

Jan. 17 | The gift of the Dharma  excels all other gifts. Delight in the Dharma  excels all delights… – The Buddha (Dhammapada, Verse 354) The clothing you give, after being worn much, gets worn out and torn.   The food and drinks you give, after being...

How To Be Positive During Downturn?

Jun. 28 | Question: How do I stay positive during an economic downturn? As there is mid-life crisis with loss of direction and confidence, it is difficult to remain positive. Answer: There is no need to deliberately stay positive in an economic downturn as there...

The Five Contemplations To Remember At Mealtimes

Apr. 19 | Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. – Hippocrates (Greek father of medicine) In most Chinese Buddhist temples, monastics take their meals at ‘The Hall Of Five Contemplations’ (五观堂). Usually, in its centre are the...

Today’s Haiku

Mar. 1 | If today is lived entirely just like yesterday was, today would be pointless!

Question Haiku

Feb. 22 | The only question that always matters – ‘What best to do now?’

The Living ‘Dharma’ Of ‘Deadpool’?

Feb. 26 | For the uninitiated, Deadpool is an unconventional character who breaks the fourth wall of comic books to talk to readers directly, sometimes even referring to other comic books! To ‘break the fourth wall’ means to break the imaginary transparent...

Review Of Three Sayings From ‘The Stonepeace Book: Vol.1’

Mar. 21 | Because everything changes from moment to moment, we should treasure everything in this moment. (to be continued…) – Stonepeace (Opening half-quote) ‘The purpose of life is to find it, live it, and share it.’ Commentary: The moment...

Lost & Found

Jan. 9 | Better to have been lost, and to find yourself, than not know you are lost, and never find yourself. – Stonepeace

Should I Change My Job?

Nov. 21 | Question: Since I got in touch with the Buddha’s teaching, I’ve been questioning the meaningfulness of my career path. While my job could not be categorised under ‘wrong livelihood’, I feel that my job, which is to market luxury...
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