[28] The Parable Of For The Wife Changing Her Nose From The Sūtra Of A Hundred Parables《百喻经》之为妇贸鼻喻

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In the past, there was a person, whose wife looked upright, only having her nose being ugly. When that person went out and saw another woman’s face that looked upright, with her nose looking very good, he then had this thought, saying, ‘I now, would rather cut to obtain her nose to attach it on my wife’s face. Is that not also good?’


Immediately cutting the other woman’s nose, holding it to return home, he urgently called his wife, ‘You should quickly come out, as I will give you a good nose.’


When his wife came out, he immediately cut her nose, soon with the other nose attaching it on his wife’s face, with both not able to attach to each other, also losing her nose, in vain causing his wife to receive great suffering and pain.


The world’s foolish people are likewise thus, hearing other senior Śramaṇas and Brahmins to have great renown and virtue, then by the world’s people as those revered and getting great gains, they then have this thought, saying, ‘I now with those persons are then not different.’


Faking personal false claims, and falsely saying they have virtue, both losing their benefits, also harming their practices. Like cutting another’s nose in vain harmed, the world’s foolish people are likewise thus.

[Note: Those foolish, greedy for respect and benefits while being superficial, might think it is easy to look or even be virtuous, just by mimicking the virtuous outwardly. They might also claim to be spiritually accomplished. Not only are they not truly accomplished, they will also not truly advance towards actual accomplishment, while losing their existing virtue, if any, with their pretentiousness and falsehood.]

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