Leaving The Household Life To Realise The Fruit 出家证果

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— 释迦牟尼佛
《四十二章经》: 第一章

Those who personally take leave from the household life, to know the mind and reach the fundamental, to understand the unconditioned Dharma, are named as Śramaṇas. Constantly practising the two hundred and fifty precepts, with advancing and ending for purity, with the Four Noble Truths’ path practising, accomplishing as Arhats. Those Arhats, are able to fly and transform, with distant kalpas’ lifespans, dwelling in and moving between the heavens and earth. Second to them are Anāgāmis. Those Anāgāmis, when their lifespans’ end, their consciousnesses will rise to the nineteenth heaven, to realise Arhathood. Second to them are Sakṛdāgāmins. Those Sakṛdāgāmins, are with one time once returning, to then attain Arhathood. Second to them are Srotaāpannas. Those Srotaāpannas, are with seven deaths and seven births, then realising Arhathood. Those with attachments and desires severed, are like those with their four limbs severed, not again using them.

— Śākyamuni Buddha
(Sūtra Of 42 Sections: 1st Section)

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