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Media Release On Book On Amituofo’s 48 Great Vows

(As featured in Jan 2017’s issue of For You Information 佛友资讯)

Launch Of Bilingual Sutra Book On Amituofo’s 48 Great Vows

On 5 November 2016, during a Pureland Practice Fellowship session, Bro. Shen Shi’an, MA (Buddhist Studies) launched the 4th TDE Press’ Pure Land related book – ‘The Sutra In Which The Buddha Speaks Of Immeasurable Life: Section On The 48 Great Vows Of Amitabha Buddha [Amituofo]’ (佛说无量寿经之阿弥陀佛四十八大愿)’.

With deeper understanding of Amituofo’s pure vows, this helps us to more fully appreciate his perfect compassion, wisdom and skilful means, in shaping the swiftest path of training towards Buddhahood for all via his Pure Land. Mindfulness of his vows thus in turn motivates our aspiration to practise mindfully to reach his Pure Land, for the sake of benefiting one and all. With simplified Chinese (and pinyin) and English text side by side, this book is designed for chanting and comprehensive study via a companion course, in which the book will be a free guide:

This fresh translation of the most significant part of the Immeasurable Life Sutra’s upper scroll, with the key chapters before, on and after the vows is accompanied by selected related texts. Mindful deliberation was exerted to retain the elegant structure of the sutra while translating it accurately.

Included for quick reference are names of the vows assigned by the Pure Land tradition’s 8th Patriarch Great Master Lianchi (净土宗八祖莲池大师), along with summaries of the attainments they offer. Also included are the celebrated ‘Verses For Giving Rise To Aspiration For Birth In Pure Land’ (西方发愿文) written by Great Master Lianchi.

The book can be purchased through TDE Store:!/Sutras-&-Treatises/c/4197228 or Evergreen Buddhist bookshop. It is also available free at Singapore Buddhist Lodge during its Friday and Saturday Pure Land classes from 7.30 – 9.30pm.

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