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Introducing Stonepeace Books

Circa 1997, when the Internet was still young, Stonepeace quotes began to be circulated online. Other than the namesake, their author is largely unknown. Perhaps he or she prefers privacy, that readers only see the words for what they are worth? As they have yet to be properly collected for sharing with more, other than their frequent usage in ‘The Daily Enlightenment’ e-newsletter and books, we decided to gather and publish them in ‘The Stonepeace Book’ series.

Stonepeace quotes are diversely wide-ranging and universal in nature. Although some are Buddhist-inspired, they are just as timeless. It is difficult to define their literary styles but these traits seem to prevail… They tend to be counter-intuitive, thus deserving attention, often requiring repeated readings for deeper reflection on their implications, concisely condensed with no wasted words, self-contained yet mind-expanding, poetically and ‘asymmetrically symmetrical’ in a balanced and witty way, sometimes by stating the obvious(ly neglected). However, they are always kindly, offering hope and inspiration.

Welcome to Volume 1 & 2, two sets of 100 Stonepeace quotes each, laid out with ample space to help open the heart and mind, and for jotting notes too, if you wish. As long as there are unharvested Stonepeace quotes adrift in cyberspace, they will be collected for future volumes. Instead of having a conventional contents page listing subjects sequentially, we decided to flip it around with only a thematic index page. The intention is to urge readers to plunge right into the book without any preconceived ideas from titles, to preferably use the index only for later reference. Well, as Stonepeace put it,

‘What one neither expects nor likes
might be what one needs the most.’


Shen Shi’an (Editor)

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