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(1月3日 – TDE 1)

There seems to be less and less “magic” that we readily experience as we grow older. I guess it is because we have this nagging feeling, whenever we wake up in the morning to this world, that we have seen it all.

Nothing seems really “interesting” anymore. Even close relationships can become unbearably lifeless. Even best friends and lovers can run out of subjects of interest. I figure the point is not to seek more new exciting experiences, but to realise that the same old stuff is mostly “good” enough. Yes, that might be “boring”. But if we live each day “reborn”, cleansed of yesterday’s prejudices and unnecessary judgements, this same old world becomes anew. “Magic” is abound. Watch out for that rainbow you haven’t seen for years. How many of you really saw the full moon last night? Isn’t it still as magical as when you first saw it? An old heart is one without the magic of awareness. Are you feeling old? The mindless babbling of a baby on the bus is magic to my ears. And to babies, everything is magic—even this person who is me, who is standing looking mindlessly at a baby, is magical to him.

Am not trying to mystify anything—the path of Enlightenment after all is a journey to clarity. The point is many of us haven’t really seen “anything” yet (“seen” referring to “having realised the essence”). The Buddha’s Enlightenment is like “magic” to us—so much so that he cannot fully describe it. But he knows the “trick”—how everything is “conjured”. To all folks out there feeling old and tired—remember that the Buddha was ever young at heart, from his search for Enlightenment to his “last” moments. We haven’t uncovered the truth of the “trick” behind all things yet. Till then, cease not to be amazed by everything. Nothing is what it seems. The age increases, but the “magic” remains. Don’t get bored—get enlightened!

(3 Jan – TDE1)

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