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睁大新奇的双眼 | Wild Wide Eyes





(1月5日 – TDE  1)

I noticed that the world looks brighter and sharper when I open my eyes bigger. Don’t laugh! Maybe you think we should have realized this since we were toddlers. But I don’t think this is exactly true.

Seeing the world through new big eyes brings a new wave of life to everything. Try it on your loved ones—see them renewed with a tinge of amazement at their being and their infinite complexities from head to toe. It is because kids live their days with perpetually wild and wide eyes that they have endless fun. Is that not true?

Try a simple experiment—look at the palms of your hands. Aren’t they amazing? Better still, gaze upon the serene countenance of a Buddha image.

Yes, we probably never saw the Buddha in real life—but many Buddha images are amazing “enough”. Then look into your own big wide eyes in the mirror—look at them shine. You are alive! And the Buddha-nature within you shines on bright!

(5 Jan – TDE 1)


  • Hi,
    Good Day.
    Is the above only an article or extract from a book? How can i get all these chinese article.
    pls advise. thank you very much.

  • This is an excerpt from the Chinese version of TDE book 1. The book will be published later. Stay tuned!



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