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(1月1日 – TDE 1)

Mindfulness should be the most natural thing in the world—without any unnecessary strain or effort. But for us, habitually unmindful beings, being mindful might be a daunting task. The more unmindful we become, the more habitual it becomes, and attaining mindfulness soon feels near impossible. How scary! Let’s all guard our minds more carefully from now on.

I was walking to the subway station in the near noon sun. I remembered my promise to myself to be as mindful as I could the whole day. The sun felt hot. I caught myself screwing up my face, frowning in its glare.This, I realise, only when I realised I developed mild dizziness. The mindfulness came this “late”.

Suddenly, I wasn’t sure whether it was the heat of the sun that made me dizzy, or that it was me feeling contempt for the sun that made me dizzy.

Funny. I think the latter that is true. The sun meant no harm. It was me to be blamed ultimately. I should have experienced the heat mindfully without attachment—that’s all—no need to grumble about it inside.

(1 Jan – TDE 1)

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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