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抗拒 | Resistance



(1月8日 – TDE 1)

Whatever we resists, persists. The Buddha never resisted Mara. He let Mara arise to wage a storm against him. But he faced his inner demons upfront, unflinching.

What’s important is not to get carried away by it all. Stay mindfully centred in the eye of the storm, the point of peace. One wrong move and you get swirled away, caught up in the storm. If we simply resist our inner demons each time, they will only get suppressed, and be revived, time and again. May you face your persistent inner
demons today.

(8 Jan – TDE 1)


  • Resistance to ‘What Is”NOW’ is one of the main cause of emotional pain & conflicts.
    Acceptance ( or embraces ) of ‘What Is”NOW’ solves the problem of resistance.

    ‘What Is’ is the Here & Now.
    ‘What Is”NOW’ is the manifested aspect of Primodial Emptiness
    ‘What Is”NOW’ is in essence Emptiness

    Resisting ‘What Is’ ‘NOW’ is resisting Truth, which had it’s clue & sypmtom manifested as emotional pain & conflicts.

    Acceptance ( or embraces ) of ‘What Is”NOW’ is accepting of The Present, the NOW; is also Surrender to ‘Now’ & let ‘NOW’ ‘be’.

    Above the stage of resists ‘What Is’ & accepts ‘What Is’ is the grand stage of ‘BE WITH WHAT IS’ ‘ BE WITH NOW’.
    In the stage of FULLY BE WITH WHAT IS, there’s neither reistance nor acceptance. Theres’ no opposites nor duality here because ‘What Is’ IS.
    ‘IS’ has no opposities, ‘IS ‘is ‘IS’. Neither this nor that. ‘What Is’simply ‘IS’.
    ‘What Is’ is already naturally Perfect & Completed in itself Here & Now.
    ‘What Is’ is ‘NOW’.

    Any seeking, any desires to be other than ‘What Is” NOW ‘ is one of the main causes of emotional pain & conflicts.
    ‘Seeking’ is itself the desire to be other than ‘What Is’, other than ‘NOW’.
    The desire to be other than ‘What Is’, to be other than ‘NOW’ is one of the main causes of our mind running to hide in the thought of past or future as an escape from the NOW, from ‘WHAT IS’ now. This is one of the causes of mental & emotional resistance & conflicts.
    One of the root cause of mental & emotional conflicts & pain is ‘Seeking’, also called ‘Thirst’, ‘volition’,’desire’, ‘becoming’ ; which is the desire to be other than ‘What Is’ ( here & Now ), to be other than ‘NOW’. This leads to’becoming’, to be something other than ‘What Is’, other than the ‘NOW’. Resisting of ‘What Is’, resisting ‘NOW’ is one of the main cause of mental conflicts & suffering.
    The end of seeking ( or want, or desire, volition, thirst ), the end of wanting other than ‘WHAT IS NOW’ ) is the end of mental conflicts & emotional pain.
    The end of seeking ( desire, want ) is being FULLY BE WITH WHAT IS.
    FULLY BE WITH WHAT IS is the end of seeking ( desire, want ).
    In the state of non seeking ( no desire, no want ), there’s neither resistance nor acceptance. One simply ‘FULLY’ BE WITH ‘WHAT IS’. ‘FULLY BE’ WITH ‘NOW’
    Resistance is a form of seeking. Acceptance is also a form of seeking.
    In non seeking ( no desire, no want ), there’s no resistance nor acceptance. One simply FULLY BE WITH WHAT IS.
    One simply BE
    One simply IS
    ‘What IS'( Here & Now ) is already Perfect & Completed in itself, with nothng lacking & with nothing less than Perfect.
    It is ‘Seeking’ or ‘want'( desire to be other than ‘What Is’, to be other than ‘NOW’ ) that creates the illusion of the ‘less than Perfect’ & ‘lack’.
    And this mentally projected illusion of the ‘less than Perfect’ & ‘lack’ makes one mentally & emotionally feels unsatisfied; hollow( not full ) & unhappy.
    When one mentally & emotionally feels unsatisfied; lack, hollow( not full ) & unhappy. One tends to seek more & desire more and when one seek more & desire more, one will feel more unsatisfied & lack. And this leads to a self perpetual sabotaging vicious cycle. This seeking moves one further & further away from ‘What IS’ ( Here & Now ), from ‘NOW’.
    ‘What IS’ ( Here & Now )’NOW’ is already Perfect & Completed in itself, with nothng lacking & with nothing being less than Perfect. so there’s is nothing to seek nor desire. There’s no one to be & no place to arrived at.
    Just simply ‘FULLY BE WITH WHAT IS” FULLY BE WITH NOW’ moment to moment.
    As the Zen master said” when eat; just eat, when walk; just walk. when laugh; just laugh. when sad; just
    sad, when happy; just happy, when lives; just lives; when sleep; just sleep.
    and another zen master said ” chopping wood & carrying water, how miraclouslly wonderful !”

    ‘Seeking’ is based on the illusory past conditioned projected thought of ‘lack’& ‘other than the NOW’. the thought of past projected into the thought about future. the movement of thoughts, it created the illusion of Time. psychological Time is created by the movement of thoughts.
    Have thoughts movement, then past & future is created by thought & exist solely in thought. Time is an illusion created by the movement of thoughts.
    No thought movement except still Awareness. then there’s no past & no future. The NOW has no time, the’ NOW ‘ has no past, present or future. THe ‘NOW’ is Eternally ‘NOW’.
    ‘Seeking’ always miss the Eternal ‘Now’.
    The ‘Now’ has no shadow of the past nor the future.
    If there’s any shadow of the past and the future still lingers in the mind. one is not fully in the NOW yet.
    In the fullness of the NOW, there’s no past, present or future. NOW is NOW. NOW is Eternal. There’s no movement of Time in the NOW because you move in the same speed with Time moment to moment; no mentally lag behind( past, memories ) nor mentally projected forward( future, seeking, desire , other than NOW ).
    ‘Fully’ ‘Be’ in the ‘NOW’, ‘FULLY BE WITH WHAT IS’.
    ‘NOW’ is ‘WHAT IS’.
    ‘WHAT IS’ is ‘NOW’.
    One same single thing called by two names.

    ‘NOW’ is Eternity beacuse it has no past & no future, and therefore no Time )
    The movement of thoughts creates the movement of Time.
    When there’s no movement of thoughts, there’s no illusory movement of Time.
    When the clouds of moving thoughts ceases, the hidden background motionless sky of Pure thoughtless clear Awareness reveals itself.
    The Pure thoughtless clear Awareness has no movement & therefore no Time.
    It’s always in the timeless ‘NOW’.
    it’s always ‘WHAT IS’ ( like a mirror spontaneously reflecting ‘WHAT IS’ by its very innate nature).

    ‘WHAT IS’ is already Perfect in itself Now.
    When there’s seeking ( desire, want other than WHAT IS NOW ), everything is seen as less than perfect & lacking.
    When there’s no seeking ( no desire, no ‘want’ other than WHAT IS NOW ), everything is already Perfect in itself with nothing lacking.
    And this everything is already Perfect in itself with nothing lacking; is in itself already full contentment, already full satisfaction, full mental joy.
    when one desires nothing, & want nothing, seek nothing, its equavalent to having no desires unfulfilled, and that’s equavalent to everything is already fulfilled.
    we are already being created in a Joyful state of total satisfaction & joy..
    This can only be realized when all seekings ( desire to be other than the NOW & WHAT IS ) end.

    One cannot seek to end seeking.
    Seek to end seeking is also seeking.

    One cannot kill thought with thought.
    One cannot end seeking by seeking( to end seeking ).
    One cannot end desire by desire( to end desire ).

    One can only end thoughts, seekings & desires & want, by being Fully Mindful & Fully Aware of the NOW.
    Being in Full Awareness,
    BE FULLY PRESENT in full Awareness of the NOW where thought has no room to be entertained nor exist.
    Full Presence.
    Fully in the NOW, FULLY BE WITH WHAT IS.

    Steps of practice.
    When confont with ‘What Is’ Now.
    Transform thought into awareness by choosing to be AWARE of the NOW, rather than being lost in thoughts & the habitual creation of thoughts.
    When there’s no thought, theres no mental labelling.
    No mental labelling of any kind. no mental labelling of this or that, good or bad, better or worse, praise or blame, loss or gain. black or white, low or high, no mental labelling of all those attributes & opposities.
    Every attributes is created by thought labelling & exist only inside thought & not outside thought.
    Outside thought, theres’s no attributes of any kind. Outside thought, theres’s only the natural non arising & non ceasing, thoughtless, Silent , empty, clear, all pervasive, pure non dual Awareness. Only nonduality.

    Ceases all mental labelling.
    No mental labelling will leads to mental silent. silent thoughtlesss clear awareness.
    In the start, no mental labelling will leads to no attributes & no judgement.
    The mind fall silent into the ocean of Attributeslessness & Equanimity.
    Attributesless, there’s nothing to compare & nothing to juge.
    In Attributeslessness & Equanimity, there’s nothing to resist or accept.
    one naturally ‘ BE with WHAT IS ‘, ‘Be with NOW’. Like an Empty Mirror, reflecting the six sensory perceptions as it is, without any mental labelling, without any mental add-on nor mental modifications ( e.g. mental manipulations, mental reactions, judgements ).
    When your mind is empty of mental labelling & discursive thoughts, your empty awareness is like a innonence Empty mirror,
    reflecting without mental distortion ( mental concepts ).
    when see, only see.
    when hear, only hear.
    when smell, only smell.
    when taste, only taste.
    when contact,only contact.
    when feels, only feels.
    when thinking, only thinking.
    when conscious, only conscious.
    when aware, only aware.
    ‘What is’ IS.
    ‘NOW ” IS.

    when one cease mental labelling. one mind has no attributes.
    without mentally created attributes, there’s nothing to think about, the mind is silent & empty, what is left behind intact is the boundless sky of pure Awareness natually aware of an empty clear mind.
    This empty Awareness being empty & clear, is naturally & effortlessly aware of the mind( with thoughts or empty ) & aware of awareness itself.
    Awareness aware of awareness itself.
    Awareness is selfless, volitionless, empty, boundless, clear,& non dual.

    In the start of the practice of no mental labelling.
    The mind has no mental labels, hence no mental attributes, hence no mental comparison, hence no mental judgement.
    Everything is accepted as it is & embraces.
    Mental resistence no longer exist.
    No mental resistence, then no inner mental conflicts & then no mental & emotional suffering.

    No mental labelling, no attributes.
    No attributes, no opposities.
    No opposities, no comparison.
    No comparison, no judgement.

    For beginner.
    Choose Awareness instead of thinking.
    Cease mental labelling.

    Judge not( compare not ) will help the practice of resist not
    Choose to resist not. change resistance to acceptance ( choose acceptance instead of Resistance ( rejection, repulsion ).
    Accept whatever arises( external & internally ) in the NOW( What Is )
    End the seeking ( desire ) for the other than the NOW & WHAT IS.

    A Meditation of BE with the ‘NOW’ & ‘WHAT IS’

    method : With Silent Awareness (1) Watch the mind & at the same time;(2) do nothing to the mind

    Summarise as a formula.

    Formula : ‘ Watch the mind & do nothing to the mind ‘

    while watching the mind,
    ‘Do nothing’ to the mind is very important.
    If one were to watches the mind & yet at the same time do something to the mind then one is not practicing the with ‘BE WITH WHAT IS’.
    because when you do something to the mind(while you are watching it), you are actually trying to be the other than ‘WHAT IS’, other than the ‘NOW’.

    Any form of doing something to the mind (while watching it); is in itself an act of resisting ‘WHAT IS’, interfering with ‘WHAT IS’, manipulating the ‘WHAT IS’, modifying ‘WHAT IS’, which are all actually the seeking of other than the ‘WHAT IS’, other than the ‘NOW’.

    when you ‘choose’ to ‘do nothing’ to the mind while watching the mind. then you will not resists, nor fight, nor judges, nor interferes, nor manipulates nor modify the ‘WHAT IS NOW’ of the mind.

    so ‘do nothing’ to the mind is very important in this method of Awareness watching the mind meditation.

    When one watches the mind, in the mind there are both sad & happy thoughts, emotions & feelings.

    So when one while watching the mind; do nothing to the mind. then one is beside not only practicing awareness, one is also practicing not resisting both the sad & happy sides. one is also at the same time practicing ‘ALLOWING everything to be as they are Here & NOW’, also practicing ‘ Allowing’,’let it be’, also practicing ‘Acceptance’ & ’embraces’ of all states, both sad & happy sides . Be with both sad & happy sides of the mind with zerto resistance, full acceptance, zero mental labelling,
    Full attributelessness, full equanimity & full Awareness .
    ‘FULLY BE with ‘WHAT IS’ as IS’.

    ‘FULLY BE with NOW’

    What is this ‘?’ ?

    Answer: ?

    When seeing, just seeing.

    Be as simple as empty space.

    ceases all concepts, cease all mental labelling. ceases all unnecessary thinking.
    Choose simply empty clear awareness instead of conceptual thinking.

    Conceptual thinking is knowledge & conceptual intelligence.

    Non-conceptual Simple Empty clear Awareness is Wisdom

    Wisdom of your Primodial True Nature, the Buddha Nature within.

    Be like a borderless empty clear mirror; of simple Awareness NOW

    Cease all mental conceptualizations & mental labelling right NOW !

    Katz !………

    By Anthony

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