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Work Haiku

Nov. 1 | Your real work is to use your worldly work to support your spiritual work of learning, practising and sharing the Dharma.

Be ‘The Intern’ Of Dharma Before Death

Mar. 30 | In the opening video resume monologue of ‘The Intern’, Ben says this, ‘Freud said, “Love and work, work and love. That’s all there is.” Well, I’m retired and my wife is dead. As you can imagine, that has given me some time on...

How To Choose My Vocation?

Jul. 6 | Question: I have been trying to find the path or work that I have passion in. I don’t have interest in my current job but will stay for the time being because it pays well, company welfare is good and colleagues are good. Can you advise what I should...

Unhappy With Your Job?

Aug. 10 | Q: I’m not sure if there’s something wrong with me but I feel like changing my job again. A: Maybe it’s time to look deeply to know why you wish to change it, and what you really wish to do. Q: My job is okay but boring. Am I being fickle-minded? A:...
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