How To Choose My Vocation?

Question: I have been trying to find the path or work that I have passion in. I don’t have interest in my current job but will stay for the time being because it pays well, company welfare is good and colleagues are good. Can you advise what I should do to search for my path?

Answer: My advice is to surf the net a lot randomly, to take a few days’ leave, to just wander around – with the goal of discovering your passion, by looking at what others are doing as rough references. In short, seek inspiration! To help you focus on this task, bring a camera to shoot what resonates, including of that found online. You can look at the pictures to review what are the common factors, to reflect on whether you can find or craft a vocation that is aligned accordingly.

It might not be possible 100% straightaway though. It can sometimes take years to experiment before settling with what you really want to do. But as long as you keep your heart and mind open, you will find or at least get close to your dream job. The golden tip is to look for a mission that is not only aligned to Buddhist principles, but that furthers spirituality too, in terms of growing in compassion and wisdom. Your ‘worldly’ work is ideally your spiritual ‘work’ too, with as few differences as possible.

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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