Unhappy With Your Job?

Q: I’m not sure if there’s something wrong with me but I feel like changing my job again.
A: Maybe it’s time to look deeply to know why you wish to change it, and what you really wish to do.
Q: My job is okay but boring. Am I being fickle-minded?
A: It is common to dislike boring jobs, though some can be meaningful too.  To know if you are being fickle, you need to look more deeply. The answer might not come instantly. Look around and look within. It can take some time to find your true calling. But the real calling in the end is in terms of furthering spiritual practice.

Q: Agreed, but if I can’t a job I like, it is difficult to practise with peace of mind.
A: Part of practice is to not let your practice be conditioned by external things.
Q: But I am always affected by external things. If have to change my job, my holiday will have to postpone.
A: You shouldn’t be attached to the idea that you will always be affected by external things. The Buddha showed by example that it is possible to be free from external distractions. We should develop confidence that we too can work towards this in good time.

Q: A colleague said a job is just a job, that you can’t find something you like.
A: It is possible to find a job you like, but it takes the right effort and karma.
Q: I understand. Will work towards it. But it is hard to explain to my family.
A: You can look for the next job without quitting first, for a smoother transition.
Q: How can some stay over 10 year in a job, I wonder.
A: Some are content with their jobs, but some want something more fulfilling. Different people have different expectations. Whatever it is, be it moving from job to job or staying in one, what is most important is to be able to learn to become kinder and wiser through work.

Q: It’s not easy for me to change jobs as my qualifications are not high.
A: That’s why it was mentioned that right effort and karma is needed. Often, you need to work harder to get the job you want, including by furthering studies if needed. Don’t limit yourself. To have less limits, you have to take the extra effort to stretch yourself.
Q: But I don’t like to study.
A: Not many like to study. This is Samsara, a world full of dissatisfactions. That’s why we need spiritual practice to break free – or we would face such dissatisfactions time and time again!

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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