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The Difference Between Attachment & True Love

Aug. 28 | To become a Buddha is to grow from conditioned love of one or a few to unconditioned love of not more but all. Stonepeace | Books Similarly, the feeling of being in love is usually more a form of attachment, based on mental projections and fantasies,...

Why Some Love Stories Break Your Heart

Nov. 14 | A love story is heartbreaking when the heartbreak need not occur, while the heartbreak is clung to, though the heartbreak can be healed. – Stonepeace Many heartwrenching love stories share the common trait of heartbreak – due to miscommunication,...

From The ‘Womb’ Of Attachment Or Love?

Aug. 31 | If even no two snowflakes are exactly the same due to countless combinations of different environmental conditions, can there ever be perfect clones of anyone? Not likely at all. Even if you can physically clone someone, with the person’s genetic...

Donald & Charlie Talk About Love & Happiness

May. 10 | To have unconditioned happiness, have unconditioned love for one and all. – Stonepeace There is a great conversational gem in the underrated film ‘Adaptation’. In it, Charlie spoke of, to his brother Donald, a time in high school, ...

To Love Perfectly

Nov. 22 | Love those imperfect… because they can be perfect. Love those trying to be perfect… because they will be perfect. Love those perfect… because they are already perfect. ~ Stonepeace Related Article: A Perfect Sickness or Virtue? http://moonpointer.com/new/2010/11/a-perfect-sickness-or-virtue

True Enlightened Love

Sep. 2 | Even true love [of the enlightened] has one condition – it must be truly unconditional. – Stonepeace

True Paradox

Apr. 8 | True Love is truly paradoxical because it is truly conditioned by being truly unconditional. – Stonepeace

The Keeper of ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ is My Sister

Oct. 16 | In the poignant but touching story of ‘My Sister’s Keeper’, a young girl realises that she was conceived specifically to save her older sister’s life. She decides to sue her parents for ‘medical emancipation’ – to reject any further bodily...

Who is ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’?

Sep. 2 | Adapted from the bestseller, ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’ tells of a man’s peculiar condition, of being involuntarily subject to fading away, only to manifest in another time and place. It is suspected to be a medical anomaly, though Buddhism would...
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