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Some Quantum Theories Of Pure Land Principles 净土原理之量子理论

Mar. 20 | 极圆极顿, 难议难思, 唯有大智, 方能谛信。 – 净土宗九祖澫益大师 《佛说阿弥陀经要解》 Extremely complete [and] extremely sudden [for enlightenment], difficult [to] discuss [and] difficult [to] conceive, only with...

Meaning Haiku

Jul. 13 | Not seeking greater meaning, this is all life is (again), with death coming (again).

Transcending The Limits Of Worldly Philosophies

Mar. 1 | Be not so worldly that transcending the worldly out of wisdom is totally neglected. [to be continued…] – Stonepeace | Books When Confucius’ disciples asked if he thought they will be rewarded after death for their good done for others,...

Book Haiku

Dec. 13 | Your life is a book to write and edit till it is a masterpiece.

What Is The Meaning Of Life?

Apr. 8 | Since we all truly want happiness, the question of all questions to ask is what is True Happiness, and how to truly attain it for all. – Stonepeace | Books ‘What is the meaning of life?’ First of all, what is the meaning of this question?...

If You Think YOLO, You Should Know YOLNO!

Jan. 6 | While we speak, envious time will have [already] fled: seize the day (carpe diem), trusting as little as possible in the next day. – Horace YOLO, many say these days – ‘You Only Live Once’. This belief seems to be new-age but it is really...

Losing Time

Dec. 10 | If you are now living longer than expected, why waste ‘extra’ time? If you are now dying sooner than expected, why waste remaining time? – Stonepeace | Get Books

Life Is Short

Dec. 4 | Life is too short to lament that life is too short. – Stonepeace | Get Books

No Regret

Dec. 4 | My religion is to live and die without regret. – Milarepa

Journey Haiku

Jul. 12 | Cruising along this road of life, the trip of a lifetime, like all other trips.

Live & Die

Jun. 28 | The Bodhisattva path is to live meaningfully, to die meaningfully, and to be reborn meaningfully – only to perfect and express compassion and wisdom. – Stonepeace | Get Books

Matter Of Life & Death

Oct. 12 | Only with mindfulness of life [now] and [impending] death, can one transcend life and death – Stonepeace

Purpose Of Life

Aug. 3 | The purpose of life is to find it, live it, and share it. – Stonepeace

How To Answer Kids’ Existential Issues?

Aug. 2 | Question: My teenage daughter mumbled this during an argument – ‘I did not ask to be born!’ How should I have replied? Answer: This is how you might want to reply – ‘Myself too didn’t ask to be born. I didn’t...

Milestones Of Life & Death

Jun. 6 | New year’s decorations, milestones on the journey to the other world – auspicious and not auspicious at the same time. – Ikkyu
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