The Nine-Point Meditation on Death

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Life is uncertain;
Death is certain.

— Buddhist Saying

The Tibetan Buddhist tradition contains an extremely effective meditation on death called the nine-point meditation on death. It is presented with three root truths, three reasons for each truth, and three conclusions that follow from them:

Root: Death is certain.
1. No being has ever escaped death [unless one becomes enlightened].
2. I am constantly becoming closer to death.
3. There is not much time to practice Dharma.
Conclusion: I must practice Dharma

Root: The time of death is uncertain.
4. The lifespan of human beings is not fixed.
5. More conditions endanger life than support it.
6. This body is extremely fragile.
Conclusion: I must practice Dharma now.

Root: Nothing can help at the time of death except my Dharma practice.
7. Wealth can’t help.
8. Friends and relatives can’t help.
9. Your body can’t help.
Conclusion: I must practice Dharma purely.

… When meditating on the above topics, see which parts are more effective for your mind, and focus on those. Focus on the parts that are more effective for you and then amplify them accordingly to your own wisdom and experience in order to see things more clearly.

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