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With Self Emptied Is Fear Eradicated 我空怖灭

Nov. 13 | 人从爱欲生忧,从忧生怖。若离与愛,何忧何怖? — 释迦牟尼佛《四十二章经》: 第三十二章 People from attachments and desires give rise to worries, and from worries give rise to fear. If departed from attachments,...

With Straightforward Minds Leaving Desires 直心出欲

Apr. 16 | 夫为道者,如牛负重,行深泥中,疲极不敢左右顾视,出离淤泥,乃可苏息。沙门当观情欲,甚于淤泥。直心念道,可免苦矣。 — 释迦牟尼佛《四四十二章经》: 第四十一章 Those...
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