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Appreciation Haiku

Dec. 26 | When you can appreciate everything you can learn something from anything, even the so-called ‘bad’ things.

Appreciation Haiku

Nov. 10 | Even if still before your eyes, the unappreciated fades away, as it remains continually missed.

Dharma@Camera: Visions Thru The Objective Lens

Apr. 2 | Register : tinyurl.com/dabeiclass About Teacher : tinyurl.com/shenshian Feedback For First Run : I am enjoying your course so far… Thank you for sharing the images and I appreciate your time spent to put together the stories and lessons from our...

Are You Born With A Short Temper?

Dec. 19 | Patience is needed, even for impatience. – Stonepeace A man went to call on a priest [Buddhist monk] for advice. “I was born with a short temper,” he confessed. “They say getting angry only makes matters worse and they’re...
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