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Natural Joy

Nov. 15 | For a person free from remorse, there is no need for an act of will, ‘May joy arise in me.’ It is in the nature of things that joy arises in a person free from remorse.  – The Buddha(Cetana Sutta) 

How Bodhisattvas Should Always Practise Repentance 菩萨应当如何常修忏悔

May. 8 | 忏悔文 (1) 我昔所造诸恶业, 皆由无始贪嗔痴, 从身语意之所生, 一切我今皆忏悔。 – 普贤菩萨 《华严经: 普贤行愿品》 Verse For Repentance (1) Of all my past created evil karma, all by beginningless greed,...
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