Benefits Of Departure From Greedy Desires 离贪欲之利益


If departing from greedy desires, this immediately attains five kinds of ease. What are the five?

[i] 一、三业自在,诸根具足故;
[ii] 二、财物自在,一切怨贼不能夺故;
[iii] 三、福德自在,随心所欲,物皆备故;
[iv] 四、王位自在,珍奇妙物皆奉献故;
[v] 五、所获之物,过本所求百倍殊胜,由于昔时不悭嫉故;是为五。

[i] First, with the three karmas at ease, and all roots complete thus.
[ii] Second, with wealth and materials at ease, that all hateful thieves are not able to rob thus.
[iii] Third, with blessed virtues at ease, according to wishes, of those desired, with objects all complete thus.
[iv] Fourth, with kings’ positions at ease, with precious, rare and wonderful objects all offered and presented thus.
[v] Fifth, of those obtained objects, surpassing those originally sought by a hundred times in excellence, due to former times not being miserly and jealous thus. These are the five.


If there are those able to dedicate to Anuttarā Samyak Saṃbodhi, when later accomplishing Buddhahood, they are by the three realms specially honoured, with all together reverently making offerings to them.

Śākyamuni Buddha
The Sūtra Of Ten Good Karmas’ Path

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