Benefits Of Departure From Anger 离瞋恚之利益

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Furthermore, Dragon King, if departing from anger, this immediately attains eight kinds of joyous mind’s dharmas. What are the eight?

[i] 一、无损恼心;
[ii] 二、无瞋恚心;
[iii] 三、无诤讼心;
[iv] 四、柔和质直心;
[v] 五、得圣者慈心;
[vi] 六、常作利益安众生心;
[vii] 七、身相端严,众共尊敬;
[viii] 八、以和忍故,速生梵世;是为八。

[i] First, without harmful afflictions’ mind.
[ii] Second, without anger’s mind.
[iii] Third, without contentiousness’ mind.
[iv] Fourth, with gentle and straightforward mind.
[v] Fifth, attaining noble ones’ loving-kindness’ mind.
[vi] Sixth, constantly giving rise to benefitting and pacifying sentient beings’ mind. 
[vii] Seventh, with body’s form upright and majestic, by all together honoured and revered.
[viii] Eighth, with harmonious patience thus, quickly born in Brahma worlds. These are the eight.


If there are those able to dedicate to Anuttarā Samyak Saṃbodhi, when later accomplishing Buddhahood, attaining the unobstructed mind, with those looking without dislike.

Śākyamuni Buddha
The Sūtra Of Ten Good Karmas’ Path

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