Benefits Of Departure From Stealing 离偷盗之利益


If departing from stealing, this immediately attains ten kinds of ensuring trustworthiness’ dharmas. What are the ten?

[i] 一者、资财盈积,王、贼、水、火,及非爱子,不能散灭;
[ii] 二、多人爱念;
[iii] 三、人不欺负;
[iv] 四、十方赞美;
[v] 五、不忧损害;
[vi] 六、善名流布;
[vii] 七、处众无畏;
[viii] 八、财、命、色、力安乐,辩才具足无缺;
[ix] 九、常怀施意;
[x] 十、命终生天;是为十。

 First, with goods and wealth filled and accumulated, that kings, thieves, waters, fires, and unloving children, are not able to scatter and eliminate.
[ii] Second, by many people loved and remembered.
[iii] Third, by people not bullied.
[iv] Fourth, by those in the ten directions praised.
[v] Fifth, not worrying about being harmed.
[vi] Sixth, with good names spread.
[vii] Seventh, dwelling with all without fear.
[viii] Eighth, with wealth, lifespans, countenances and strength with peace and bliss, with eloquence complete and without lack.
[ix] Ninth, constantly embracing giving’s mind.
[x] Tenth, at lives’ end born in heavens. These are the ten.


If there are those able to dedicate to Anuttarā Samyak Saṃbodhi, when later accomplishing Buddhahood, attaining and realising pure Great Bodhi’s wisdom.

Śākyamuni Buddha
The Sūtra Of Ten Good Karmas’ Path

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