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Lost & Found In ‘The Sea Of Trees’

Oct. 17 | ‘The Sea Of Trees’ is an alternative name of Japan’s ‘Suicide Forest’. Believed by many to be very easy to get lost in, it is reminiscent of this Sahā World as a bitter ‘sea of suffering’, that is easy to drown...

Writing Haiku

May. 11 | What not worth writing down is probably not worth saying out either.

Diary Haiku

Jan. 13 | Note the noteworthy, the lessons lived – in your truest diary.

Empty-Handed Haiku

Sep. 25 | Come empty-handed Leave empty-handed Much worth to accomplish between

Do the Worthier

Mar. 4 | Though it might be harder to do the right thing, it is correspondingly worthier to do so. – Stonepeace
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