Are The Bothersome All Karmic Creditors?

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Question: Are those I feel bothered by my karmic creditors (冤亲债主)?

Answer: Anyone or even anything we are unhappy with functions like a karmic creditor in the moment. However, when we respond with compassion and wisdom, we can transform the negativity to be positive and even pure.

In this way, perhaps ‘accidentally’ reminding us to practise the Dharma better, karmic creditors can function like precious benefactors or good-knowing friends (善知识) instead, who keep us on our spiritual toes.

Instead of assigning blame, we should remember that we are our primary karmic creditors, as we personally incurred all external karmic creditors in the first place, over many lives with our creating of negative karma.

Thus, all the more should we not be unhappy with karmic creditors, ‘bothersome’ as they might seem. They are only as ‘bothersome’ as our karma is negative, as much as we are lacking in compassion and wisdom. We should see encounters with them as spiritual challenges being ‘offered’, for us to be better persons.

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