Are The Buddha’s Teachings Worthy For Learning?

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Question: If I have doubts about the worth of the Buddha’s teachings, what should I do?

Answer: Paradoxically, the fact that you are asking this question means you do think there might be something worthy about the Buddha’s teachings. Otherwise, if you truly think they are worthless, you would not ask about them at all.

What you should do is to open your heart and mind further, to study more on the Buddha’s teachings, such as by reading the many carefully selected articles here, to find that which is worthy within them.

At the same time, when you have doubts about what learnt, you should ask to clarify them here, just like you are clarifying with your question now. With both active learning and asking (学问), this is how you will truly discover the value of the Buddha’s teachings, to know what they are really worth. This will certainly be worth your time and effort!

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