[7] Is Buddhism Another Religion Or Beyond Religion?

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TDE’s Dharma Dialogues: Issue [7] 

[As continued from the previous issue…]

Question [13]: Is Buddhism not just another religion?

Answer: If ‘religion’ means to have unquestioning faith and worship of (an) unseen supreme being(s), with the obligation to carry out sacrificial rituals and such, Buddhism is definitely not a religion. Beyond the usual definitions of religion, Buddhism encourages intelligent doubting and fulfilling of every sentient being’s supreme potential. Its meaningful traditional rituals are but methods for guiding and inspiring us. Although important as means, they do not lead to wisdom or True Happiness directly. To prevent confusion, Buddhism is however called a religion out of convention. In fact, being fully enlightened, the Buddha was able to clearly explain how many religious systems evolved with humanity.

Question [14]: How is Buddhism beyond religion?

Answer: As mentioned in Question [12] by experts in their fields, Buddhism is scientific in spirit, as a form of practical philosophy and psychology. Beyond worldly knowledge, it offers profound spiritual education on truths of life, death, rebirth, enlightenment and the universe – for realisation of True Happiness. It is noteworthy that the first varsity established in the world is the great Nalanda Buddhist University in India, which flourished from the second to the ninth century. It was a popular hub of many international students, where many outstanding scholars and sages offered education and educated on various subjects, beyond Buddhism. This makes Buddhism a multi-faceted gem, reflecting many important aspects of the above.

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