[1] Why Learn The Buddha’s Teachings?

TDE’s Dharma Dialogues: Issue [1]

Question [1]: 
Why should I be interested in the Buddha’s teachings?

Answer: Speaking from the personal experiences of many, there is no expression more inspiring than that of the Buddha’s smile, as featured upon many well-crafted statues and paintings. It exudes compassion, empathy, calmness, patience, clarity, wisdom… The list goes on and on… but most of all, there is True Happiness, that encompasses all the qualities that we could possibly hope to embody too.

Question [2]: Does this mean that his teachings will lead to the attainment of these qualities?

Answer: Yes, if only we learn and practise accordingly. The Buddha’s image, being the most reproduced and perhaps most well received image in the world, actually stands for that which is much more subtle and profound – the wonderful Dharma, or the ‘teachings of the Buddha’. The Buddha’s kindly smile beckons us to learn the precious Dharma, that he wishes to share with all, so that we can attain his True Happiness too.

[To be continued in the next issue…]

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