[3] Can There Be Both Worldly And Spiritual Happiness?

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TDE’s Dharma Dialogues: Issue [3]

[As continued from the previous issue…]

Question [5]: To attain the spiritual True Happiness mentioned, will I have to give up material ‘false happiness’?

Answer: Yes and no. Why is it ‘yes’? Here is an example… When we discipline ourselves to physically exercise for better health, we do give up some indulgences in the moment, as we could be binging with junk food and drink in the moment instead. However, we choose exercise because we know there are greater benefits in the long run. Why is it ‘no’? Knowing it is a worthy ‘sacrifice’, it is thus not a ‘sacrifice’ at all.

Question [6]: Will I have to live a simple monastic life to benefit from the Buddha’s teachings?

Answer: This is so only if you wish to commit fully, to progress towards enlightenment, and to guide others to do so too. Most Buddhists are not monastics. Buddhists are not ‘killjoys’, as we can still have everyday joys ethically, while learning and practising the Buddha’s teachings, which guide us the greatest joy of True Happiness. Back to the exercise example, the point is to not miss the greater goal by being short-sighted.

[To be continued in the next issue…] / See issue [1]

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