[2] Can True Happiness Be Attained?

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TDE’s Dharma Dialogues: Issue [2] 

[As continued from the previous issue…]

Question [3]: What is this True Happiness that the Buddha attained?

Answer: True Happiness contrasts with ‘false happiness’, which is fleeting and unsubstantial. The latter refers to joys that arise from satisfying the senses with worldly sights, sounds, smells, flavours and touches. Such joys are not lasting in fulfillment. Like ultimately pointless roller-coaster rides, even the ‘highest highs’ are soon followed by sharp dips. True Happiness is however spiritual in nature, permanent and stable, what we truly want.

Question [4]: How do I know I can attain this True Happiness too?

Answer: Back to that discussed in Questions [1] and [2], with the Buddha’s serene and confident smile, being the best example as the one who perfectly practised what he preached, we know that following the Buddha’s teachings can lead to the same True Happiness that he realised. The Buddha is history’s longest teaching founder of a world religion too, who had ample time with 45 years to fully express what he embodied.

[To be continued in the next issue…] / See issue [1]

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