Raising Of Difficulties For Diligent Cultivation 举难勤修

人有二十难。[1] 贫穷布施难。[2] 豪贵学道难。[3] 弃命必死难。[4] 得覩佛经难。[5] 生值佛世难。[6] 忍色忍欲难。[7] 见好不求难。[8] 被辱不瞋难。[9] 有势不临难。[10] 触事无心难。[11] 广学博究难。[12] 除灭我慢难。[13] 不轻未学难。[14] 心行平等难。[15] 不说是非难。[16] 会善知识难。[17] 见性学道难。[18] 随化度人难。[19] 覩境不动难。[20] 善解方便难。

— 释迦牟尼佛
《四十二章经》: 第十二 章

Humans have twenty difficulties. [1] To be poor yet generous is difficult. [2] To be rich, powerful and honoured, yet learn the path is difficult. [3] To relinquish life with definite death is difficult. [4] attain sight of Buddhist sūtras is difficult. [5] To in one’s lifetime meet a Buddha in the world is difficult. [6] To endure lust and endure desires is difficult. [7] To see that liked yet not seek it is difficult. [8] To be insulted yet not angry is difficult. [9] To have power yet not look down upon others is difficult. [10] To be in contact with matters yet indifferent is difficult. [11] To broadly learn and deeply study is difficult. [12] To eradicate conceit is difficult. [13] To not slight those yet to learn is difficult. [14] To have mental activities impartial is difficult. [15] To not speak of rights and wrongs is difficult. [16] To meet good-knowing advisors is difficult. [17] To see one’s nature and learn the path is difficult. [18] To accordingly transform and deliver people is difficult. [19] To see situations yet be unmoved is difficult. [20] To have good understanding of skilful means is difficult.

— Śākyamuni Buddha
(Sūtra Of 42 Sections: 12th Section)

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